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Service: Is there a signup, membership, or monthly fee involved?

Absolutely not! We charge a nominal fee of $9.99 per website you order from, plus 4.9%. That’s it — there are no hidden fees when you use us! You will not find a more cost-effective package service than ForwardIt!

Service: Can I buy merchandise from eBay?

Absolutely!  Just let us know the item number and your maximum bid and we will place the bid for you using our sniping software. You will NOT be charged our service fee unless we win the auction!

Service: Can you pick up merchandise locally?

Yes! Additional fees will apply, though, depending on the pickup location.  Please contact us for further information.

Service: I no longer want to purchase the item. Is the service fee refundable?

In the event that you no longer want to proceed with the order, you can obtain a refund for the service fee, minus a $2.50 processing fee. The processing fee is waived if you place another order with us within two weeks of the initial order. In the event that the item you want to order is no longer in stock, or cannot be ordered by us for whatever reason, the entire service fee will be refunded.  The buyer is responsible for any return shipping and restocking costs in the event that the order has already shipped to us from the vendor.

Service: Can I return merchandise I bought?

Absolutely! However, before sending the merchandise back to us please review the store’s return policy, as many stores will only accept returns for a specified period of time, and will only accept merchandise that is unused. If your merchandise qualifies as returnable please contact us to arrange the return.

Service: I received your quote. How long is it valid?

All quotes are valid for 48 hours, unless there is a coupon, sale, or other discount that is applicable. Then the quote is valid for 48 hours or until the discount period ends, whichever comes first.
Service: What are your operating hours?

We are open 9 AM-5 PM GMT-0700, Monday-Friday.  

Payment: Do ForwardIt customers pay separately for packaging costs?

No, our packaging costs are included in the service purchase fee, so you just pay the service purchase fee and shipping.

Payment: How do ForwardIt customers pay the service and shipping charges?

ForwardIt accepts all major credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and more. We also accept payments through PayPal and Google Checkout.

Payment: Do you store credit card information with a customer's account?

No, for your privacy and security we do not store your credit card information.

Shipping: How can I calculate the shipping rates?

Please use the shipping calculator on our website to find shipping rates.  We also have discounts with FedEx for faster, more reliable service, and we pass those discounts on to you! Please note that USPS has size limits, so many larger shipments cannot be sent with USPS, and FedEx charges based on both size and weight. 

Shipping: Can you consolidate orders from multiple companies into one shipment?

Absolutely! Once ForwardIt receive all of your items we open and carefully check them to make sure nothing was broken or damaged during shipment, and to ensure that the correct items were shipped. If an item is damaged or incorrect we will notify you via email. Then we repack your items into a single package, or as few packages as possible, and ship them on to you!

Shipping: Do the ForwardIt shipping rates include customs fees, tariffs, or taxes?

No. ForwardIt's shipping rates are for door-to-door delivery. There may be additional import fees or duty for merchandise shipments coming into your country. These fees vary by country and are NOT included. Please contact your local customs office for more information on duties or import fees.

Shipping: Do you ship hazardous materials or illegal merchandise?

NO! Check with your country’s customs office to determine what is, and is not, considered to be hazardous or illegal, as regulations vary from country to country. In general the following items are not permissible for most countries: 

- Combustible or flammable items (paints, oils, lighters)
- Any type of pressurized can (hair spray, shaving cream, spray cans of any type)
- Hazardous materials (matches, chemicals, explosives)
- Weapons of any kind (guns, stun guns, hand weapons, etc.)
- Seeds, coffee, unpackaged foods
- Animals and products made with animal skin (including furs)