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Business Services

Forwardit understand that opening your business up to international sales can be challenging, daunting, and rewarding, all at the same time.  Expanding internationally opens your business up to billions of potential customers, diversifies your customer base, and facilitates access to high-growth markets, in addition to a wide range of other benefits.  However, such expansion also necessitates a need for knowledge of a wide array of customs, laws, and regulations that are unique to each country.  Additionally, international expansion can increase your company’s risk exposure if not done properly.  Proceeding without this knowledge can lead to shipment delays, lost revenue, and ultimately, lost customers.    

With over 10 years of experience Forwardit is aware of the rules, regulations, and customs that are unique to every market, and can leverage this experience for your benefit.  By utilizing our business services we can assist your company in expanding internationally, to billions of potential new customers, while mitigating most of the risk associated with shipping internationally.  Utilizing our services also allows you to take advantage of our logistics chain, supported by FedEx, to send your shipments internationally for a fraction of the listed shipping prices.  Forwardit offers two services for US companies interested in expanding internationally:

1)   Order processing and handling.  Within this Forwardit offers two options.  If you have received payment from the customer but are unsure on how to proceed with the shipment, Forwardit will arrange the shipment for you.   We will schedule your shipment with our shipping partners so that it will be picked up directly from your place of business, and will submit all necessary paperwork for your shipment.  All you will need to do is package the item and attach the shipping label (which we provide) to it.  The fee for this is $9.99,plus any applicable shipping costs.  If however you are unwilling or unable to accept payment from your international customer, Forwardit will contact and arrange payment with the customer directly, and will pay you, the vendor, with our US credit card and have you send it to us at our US address.  You deal directly with us; we will make all arrangements to send the item internationally directly with the customer.  This enables you to expand your customer base without taking on the risks associated with shipping internationally, as we will take on those risks for you.

2)   Consulting.  Forwardit will assist you with market insight, key customs regulations and laws, and documentation requirements for potential markets you have identified for expansion.  Forwardit offers this service both online or in-person.  Fees vary based upon the specific needs of your company; please contact us for further details.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our business services.